Santa Catarina crossover bag

Santa Catarina crossover bag


This super cute crossover bag is made in two villages; Santa Catarina and San Antonio. These two villages are roughly a mile apart from each other, and yet the communities are entirely different.

Using symmetry in textile patterns is an imitation of Mayan language. Quiché designs consist of animal figures and patterns of colored stripes. The purpose of the stripes is to create a feeling of rhythm. When animals are woven, both the right and left sides of each animal are shown, and the same animal design is typically repeated at least once. The crossover bag is a perfect example of this tradition.

  • handwoven in the villages of San Antonio and Santa Catarina

  • 100% cotton, toxin free

  • one size 10”x10”x 26” long

  • fits up to age 13

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